Report: The Obama Administration Is Corrupt as Fuck

Today the New York Times published an incredible, and incredibly detailed, account of unrestrained favor-trading within the Obama administration. In a nut: The president’s cabinet, including the State Department under Hillary Clinton, suspended travel bans placed on certain Ecuadorian nationals who committed fraud… » 12/17/14 3:45pm Wednesday 3:45pm

Why Is The Daily Beast Using a Fake Byline to Report the Sony Leak?

In the past few days, The Daily Beast has published a number of scoops gleaned from the leaked Sony Pictures documents obtained by a hacker group called the Guardians of Peace. Unlike every other outlet covering the leak, however, the Beast is posting all of their articles about it under a fake byline. » 12/16/14 4:25pm Tuesday 4:25pm

Which of These Disgusting Chuck Johnson Rumors are True?

You may have read The New York Timesprofile of Charles C. Johnson, the worst journalist on the internet. You also may have seen several very elaborate, very unbelievable, and very gross rumors about Johnson’s past misdeeds floating around Twitter and Facebook. So maybe you’re wondering: Which of those rumors are… » 12/15/14 3:30pm Monday 3:30pm

What’s the Best Rumor You Heard This Week?

Gawker believes that publicly airing rumors out is usually the quickest way to get to the truth. We also believe that Friday afternoons are a great time to share gossip with your friends. Here’s what Gawker readers have been hearing lately. » 12/12/14 2:10pm 12/12/14 2:10pm

The Daily Caller Can’t Quit Chuck Johnson

You may be aware that Charles C. Johnson of had a role in several notorious (and false) stories published by Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. Yes, this includes the infamous debunked article—to which Johnson “contributed reporting”—about New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez supposedly soliciting prostitutes in… » 12/09/14 4:20pm 12/09/14 4:20pm

Report: Sean Eldridge Wants to Be the “First Openly Gay President”

The Daily Beast’s Jamie Kirchick has written a long overdue dissection of the most prominent gay couple in politics: embattled New Republic ownerand Facebook millionaire Chris Hughes and twice-failed Congressional candidate Sean Eldridge. While the whole essay is worth reading, what sticks out is a rumor buried in… » 12/09/14 1:00pm 12/09/14 1:00pm

Economist Nouriel Roubini Accidentally Tweets Booty Call

Nouriel Roubini—the gallivanting N.Y.U. economics professor who once installed plaster vaginas on the walls of his Tribeca loft—recently gallivanted to Chicago for a business trip. And, according to a tweet he immediately deleted last night, he was looking to mingle with more than one “hottie”: » 12/09/14 12:20pm 12/09/14 12:20pm

Gabriel Snyder Will Replace Franklin Foer at The New Republic

Something is afoot at The New Republic. Though no official announcements have been made, we’re told by staffers that the office is buzzing with rumors that Gabriel Snyder, a digital advisor at Bloomberg Media and former editor of The Atlantic Wire and Gawker, has been hired as its new editor-in-chief—replacing… » 12/04/14 2:35pm 12/04/14 2:35pm

How Much Is Chipotle Paying Writers?

Over the weekend, the New York Times highlighted Chipotle’s recent decision to print (very) short stories by famous writers on its paper cups and take-out bags. Called “Cultivating Thought,” the campaign is the brainchild of Brooklyn novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, who approached the fast-casual Mexican grill chain… » 12/01/14 3:30pm 12/01/14 3:30pm

Remember When Kevin Spacey Groped a Male Model in Public for 2 Hours?

In his new memoir, Andy Cohen flatly asserts that Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey is gay. “I still get enraged when I think about [Spacey] talking about being in love with that woman on 60 Minutes,” he writes. “Come out, sir.” Given the Bravo host’s stature, the passage has caused a ruckus in gay and entertainment… » 12/01/14 9:00am 12/01/14 9:00am

Vogue’s Rat Infestation: Disturbing New Details

On Friday, Gawker reported that Vogue’s brand-new offices at 1 World Trade Center had a predicament as old as New York City itself: a rat infestation. It’s already gotten so bad that editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is wary of entering her personal office. Over the next three days, two other outlets reported even grosser… » 11/25/14 5:25pm 11/25/14 5:25pm